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    ABB-Smoke Extraction Motors

    • Brand :ABB
    • No.:Smoke extraction motors

    Many fire protection solutions require smoke venting fans to extract gases into the open air. The system is generally designed so that the fans provide standard ventilation in normal working conditions and smoke extraction in emergencies

    1. Detailed information

    ABB smoke extraction motors are designed and certified for both direct on line (DOL) and variable speed drive operation (VSD), both in normal ventilation and emergency situations.

    • Certified for both horizontal and vertical mounting

    • Comply with the European standard and offer maximum performance in both normal and emergency condifions 

    ABB smoke extraction motors have been tested according to EN 12101-3.

    ClassTemperature °C, timeDuty

    F200200°C, max. 120 minDOL, VSD

    F300300°C, max. 120 minDOL, VSD

    F400400°C, max. 120 minDOL, VSD

    T250 (acc. to French decree)250°C, max. 120 minDOL, VSD

    Fully certified low voltage motor range up to 630 kW

    Output powerup to 1000 kW

    Frame sizesIEC 160 to 450

    Number of poles4 to 12 poles

    Voltagesup to 690 V

    Frame materialcast iron

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